Podcast Recommendations


I recently picked up a new podcasting app for my phone, and was looking to fill it with new content. I’m already following most of the spec-fiction ‘casts, and many of the related writing and geek shows, but am looking to expand my horizons.

Last week on Twitter, I asked the hivemind if they had any favorite podcast recommendations. Turns out you did.

Several of you asked me to share this list once it was compiled. Here you go!  Many thanks to those who chimed in. Last week I was mostly asking for non-fiction suggestions, but if you have any recommendations at all (including story podcasts) please feel free to add them in the comments below.

(They are presented here in the order they were suggested to me. No rhyme or reason or bias here, just a list of podcasts to enjoy… I tried to track down all the right URLs, but let me know if ou find any bad links.)

Sword and Laser


Coode Street Podcast

This American Life

NPR’s Planet Money

Slate’s Political Gabfest

Savage Love

The Moth

Adventurers in Sci Fi Publishing

SF Signal

Geeks Guide to the Galaxy

Functional Nerds (hey, I’m even on this one sometimes!)

Galactic Suburbia

The Skiffy and Fanty Show

Stuff You Missed in History Class

History of Byzantium

Russian Rulers

The Ancient World

History of England

In Our Time

Dan Carlin – Hardcore History 

Mysterious Universe


Writing Excuses

The 1st Million Words

Dead Robots Society

Scifi Surplus


Token Skeptic



Astronomy Cast

The Order 66 Podcast 

(okay, that last one was my suggestion. Star Wars RPGs are a guilty pleasure of mine,  even though I don’t have time to play much anymore, and Chris and Dave at Order 66 have been doing a great show for the last five years for the d20 Saga edition. Now they’re transitioning to the new Fantasy Flight Game.) 

Holy Cow, what a list! Thanks for all the input, folks! Hopefully you’ll find it useful, too.