Sale! “We All Look Like Harrie” to XIII

I can finally announce the news I teased last week — I’ve sold my story, “We All Look Like Harrie,” to Mark Teppo’s upcoming anthology from Resurrection House/Underland Press, XIII*.

I wrote “We All Look Like Harrie”on the first day of this year’s Rainforest Writer’s Retreat. It came together like few other stories I’ve written (there are almost always weeks and sometimes months of revisions in my usual process). Maybe it helped that “Harrie” is very short, very experimental. We had a group reading at the retreat one night, and Teppo more or less bought it on the spot. That’s the quickest a story has ever gone from being in my head to being sold, and I’m still feeling a little wide-eyed about it. Did that actually happen

Also, this story is my twelfth fiction sale since I began the writing career in earnest. A dozen stories. That’s almost a collection right there! I’ve got a long way to go, and a lot more to do–and learn, but a dozen stories is a milestone I had to stop and celebrate just a little. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me get here!

“Harrie” very nearly became my thirteenth sale, by the way, which would have resonated nicely with Teppo’s anthology title. Oh yes, my friends, more good news to announce soon!


*XIII is still open to subs until March 31st!