A Robot, Two Stories, and some Doodles.

This blog has been gathering a pretty thick layer of dust this year. Blogging has never come naturally to me, and most of my updates get blasted out in snippets on social media. Well, here’s a bigger update! This has been an extraordinarily busy year for work, which is great since last year was so dry. I spent the last five months working on Disney’s Big Hero 6. The hours were long, the workload intense, but in the end, I’m proud of the work I did, and the awesome stuff my team accomplished. I can’t wait to see it in November! I did a lot of work on little teasers and other promotional images, but one of my favorites is adorable robot Baymax and his human pal Hiro playing with balloon animals (I worked on cloth, hair, Baymax’s squishy skin, and the balloons): It was an amazing experience to work at Disney. Hope … Continue reading

Podcast Recommendations

I recently picked up a new podcasting app for my phone, and was looking to fill it with new content. I’m already following most of the spec-fiction ‘casts, and many of the related writing and geek shows, but am looking to expand my horizons. Last week on Twitter, I asked the hivemind if they had any favorite podcast recommendations. Turns out you did. Several of you asked me to share this list once it was compiled. Here you go!  Many thanks to those who chimed in. Last week I was mostly asking for non-fiction suggestions, but if you have any recommendations at all (including story podcasts) please feel free to add them in the comments below. (They are presented here in the order they were suggested to me. No rhyme or reason or bias here, just a list of podcasts to enjoy… I tried to track down all the right … Continue reading