A Robot, Two Stories, and some Doodles.

This blog has been gathering a pretty thick layer of dust this year. Blogging has never come naturally to me, and most of my updates get blasted out in snippets on social media. Well, here’s a bigger update! This has been an extraordinarily busy year for work, which is great since last year was so dry. I spent the last five months working on Disney’s Big Hero 6. The hours were long, the workload intense, but in the end, I’m proud of the work I did, and the awesome stuff my team accomplished. I can’t wait to see it in November! I did a lot of work on little teasers and other promotional images, but one of my favorites is adorable robot Baymax and his human pal Hiro playing with balloon animals (I worked on cloth, hair, Baymax’s squishy skin, and the balloons): It was an amazing experience to work at Disney. Hope … Continue reading

Sale! “We All Look Like Harrie” to XIII

I can finally announce the news I teased last week — I’ve sold my story, “We All Look Like Harrie,” to Mark Teppo’s upcoming anthology from Resurrection House/Underland Press, XIII*. I wrote “We All Look Like Harrie”on the first day of this year’s Rainforest Writer’s Retreat. It came together like few other stories I’ve written (there are almost always weeks and sometimes months of revisions in my usual process). Maybe it helped that “Harrie” is very short, very experimental. We had a group reading at the retreat one night, and Teppo more or less bought it on the spot. That’s the quickest a story has ever gone from being in my head to being sold, and I’m still feeling a little wide-eyed about it. Did that actually happen?  Also, this story is my twelfth fiction sale since I began the writing career in earnest. A dozen stories. That’s almost a … Continue reading

Late Summer Update & Links Round-up

While the job market continues to be tough, it’s been a very productive summer for me creatively, and for that I’m grateful. Here are some of the things I’ve been up to — and my sincere gratitude to those who backed me in one endeavor or another. Launchpad. Space Camp for writers! You can read my full write-up here. I’m still processing the experience (it was amazing), but a few new stories are definitely growing from it. What Fates Impose. This anthology of fortune-telling tales that includes my story “Ain’t Much Different’n Rabbits” was fully funded! It’s a great TOC, and I’m proud to be a part of it. It’s not available for purchase just yet, but I’ll shout out here as soon as it is. Broken Eye Books / By Faerie Light. Another anthology I’m part of, By Faerie Light, is one of the rewards for backers of Broken … Continue reading

What Fates Impose (and a round or two on me…)

Don’t we all wish we could see the future? Catch a glimpse of of how things turn out if we choose A over B, go right or left? What if you got that glimpse and didn’t like how things turned out? Would you blame the one who gave you that peek? Would you blame yourself?  I’m very stoked to be a part of the anthology What Fates Impose edited by Nayad A. Monroe and published by Alliteration Ink. In twenty one stories by an amazing group of contributors (including Inkpunk cohorts Wendy N. Wagner, Erika Holt, and Remy Nakamura!) you can read all about the consequences of trying to peek into the future. The antho is running on Kickstarter, and as of this writing, we are a little over 25% funded with 27 days to go. If you’re inclined to back us, I would deeply appreciate the support. Any amount will … Continue reading

“Vinegar Pie” — A Sale to Coins of Chaos

I’m very pleased to announce that Jennifer Brozek has accepted my story “Vinegar Pie” for her Coins of Chaos anthology. Thanks Jennifer, I’m very excited to be a part of the collection! Details to follow soon. I must say that I got very hungry writing this story. Very hungry. Some days, being a writer means intensive research. You have to sample all your sources. Critically. Carefully. Preferably a la mode.