Sale! “We All Look Like Harrie” to XIII

I can finally announce the news I teased last week — I’ve sold my story, “We All Look Like Harrie,” to Mark Teppo’s upcoming anthology from Resurrection House/Underland Press, XIII*. I wrote “We All Look Like Harrie”on the first day of this year’s Rainforest Writer’s Retreat. It came together like few other stories I’ve written (there are almost always weeks and sometimes months of revisions in my usual process). Maybe it helped that “Harrie” is very short, very experimental. We had a group reading at the retreat one night, and Teppo more or less bought it on the spot. That’s the quickest a story has ever gone from being in my head to being sold, and I’m still feeling a little wide-eyed about it. Did that actually happen?  Also, this story is my twelfth fiction sale since I began the writing career in earnest. A dozen stories. That’s almost a … Continue reading

Fungi gets a release date

The good folks at Innsmouth Free Press just announced the final cover and release date for their upcoming anthology, Fungi. I’m especially excited about this collection for many reasons, not the least of which is I have a story appearing in it! You can get the full details at the link, but in short, there will be three editions: ebook, softcover, and hardcover (the hardcover will have three bonus stories to boot!) Preorders will be in November and official release day in December. I won’t say much about “Last Bloom on the Sage,” right now (don’t want to spoil the surprise) except how much fun I had writing it. Special thanks are due to all of my beta readers (you know who you are) and to Silvia and Orrin for including me in this great collection of amazing authors. I’m humbled. And now I want to go write more mushroom … Continue reading

Broken Time Blues is available!

Everything’s Jake! Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring 20s from Edge/Absolute XPress is now available for purchase over at This nifty collection of twelve weird tales set in the grit and glamor of the Jazz Age is the bees knees, and I’m honored to share the Table of Contents with some swell writers, including Clarion West classmates Jack Graham, Frank Ard, and John Remy. Here’s the full lineup: The Sharing by James L. Sutter Chickadee by Frank Ard Semele’s Daughter by John Nakamura Remy The Automatic City By Morgan Dempsey Button Up Your Overcoat by Barbara Krasnoff Nor the Moonlight by Andrew Penn Romine Jack and the Wise Birds by Lucia Starkey Madonna and Child, In Jade by Amanda C. Davis Der Graue Engel by Jack Graham The Purloined Ledger by Ari Marmell Fight Night by Ryan McFadden A Drink for Teddy Ford by Robert Jackson Bennett That’s … Continue reading