Broken Time Blues is available!

Everything’s Jake! Broken Time Blues: Fantastic Tales in the Roaring 20s from Edge/Absolute XPress is now available for purchase over at This nifty collection of twelve weird tales set in the grit and glamor of the Jazz Age is the bees knees, and I’m honored to share the Table of Contents with some swell writers, including Clarion West classmates Jack Graham, Frank Ard, and John Remy. Here’s the full lineup: The Sharing by James L. Sutter Chickadee by Frank Ard Semele’s Daughter by John Nakamura Remy The Automatic City By Morgan Dempsey Button Up Your Overcoat by Barbara Krasnoff Nor the Moonlight by Andrew Penn Romine Jack and the Wise Birds by Lucia Starkey Madonna and Child, In Jade by Amanda C. Davis Der Graue Engel by Jack Graham The Purloined Ledger by Ari Marmell Fight Night by Ryan McFadden A Drink for Teddy Ford by Robert Jackson Bennett That’s … Continue reading

Rigor Amortis (putting the ‘rot’ in erotica)

I’m very pleased that my story “Take it Off” will appear in Absolute Xpress’ upcoming zombie erotica anthology, Rigor Amortis. For some of you reading this blog (or watching my Twitter/Facebook streams), this is old news: but now I have a shiny new link to the official website! Click it, you know you want to! I’m delighted to be included with so many talented (and twisted) authors. Many thanks and congrats are due to editors Jaym Gates and Erika Holt for all their hard work in bringing this anthology to, er, life. You’ll be able to get your copy starting October 1 on and (The author assumes no responsibility if you experience sudden cravings for brainnnnnssssss upon reading…)  … Continue reading