Five Movies on an Airplane!

The great thing about international travel is getting to see places way outside your everyday experience, expand your horizons, and gain new perspectives. The great thing about being stuck on an airplane for 13+ hours each way is catching up on some of the movies you missed whlle you were busy working over the summer. (Well, maybe not ALL of the movies were so great…) Minor spoilers ahead, and caveat: I watched them on a seat-back screen at standard def in the twilight zone of airplane brain…   The Amazing Spider Man 2 – Andrew Garfield continues to fill the moodier shoes of our favorite webhead, this time with more of Spidey’s trademark humor, too. The chemistry is better with Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy, but the cracks are beginning to show in their relationship, and if you’re any kind of Spider-Man fan, you can see what’s coming. The VFX are top … Continue reading

Winter-ish Updatery

I guess winter is here, right? The Christmas lights are up, the leaves are falling from the trees, and the 90mph Santa Anas are setting the hills on fire… You may have noticed my banner has changed (the first wave of some website changes to come). A new Ink Gorilla lurks in the banner, regarding visitors with a chary eye. The new banner is courtesy my amazing friend Galen Dara, who captured ole IG perfectly. Galen, he’s amazing. Thank you. Galen also drew another ape from a story of mine for her 30 Characters challenge, which I love. There are some other wonderful characters in her feed, so go check them out. I’m still going full ahead on the novel, though some days it’s more like 1/4 impulse and the next day Warp 5. I’ve (mostly) grown used to the fact that this is the way that novels are made, or … Continue reading