To: Randy Newman Re: Your Brains

Yes, those true geeks among you will already know will know where I’m going with this one. I had the privilege to go see Johnathan Coulton last night at the Paul Gleason theatre in Hollwood. (You can see my friend Rude Morgue’s excellent review of the concert here). (note: this entry took me several days to write due to suddenly being so busy at work.) Until recently, I mostly knew Coulton as the voice behind several You Tube do-it-yourself World of Warcraft music videos. He seems a popular musical choice for the fan-film set. Rude Morgue had been preaching the gospel of JC for some time, however, and so I also became acquainted with such greats as “Re: Your Brains” and “Code Monkey” (itself a subject of a brilliant anime fan made video found here.) And let’s not forget “The First of May”. Happily, all of these songs and much … Continue reading