Cocktail Friday (“Make it a Double” Edition): The Aviation & The Blue Moon

I missed Cocktail Friday last week,  what with being sick and WFC, but today you get to reap the benefits of last week’s slacking–today I’ll cover two of my favorite gin drinks: The Aviation and the Blue Moon. These two cocktails share a common history–the Blue Moon seems to have been the original Aviation, thanks to the sky-bluish color lent by the Creme Yvette. Eventually, the two drinks went their own way and the Aviation became firmly established as described below. Popular during the dawn of aviation, I like to think of these cocktails as the same sky: either you fly during the day or at night. The Blue Moon is slightly more obscure, due to the Creme Yvette/creme de violette all but disappearing from the American market for awhile. Made from the petals of violets–the flavor of this liqueur is floral, but subtle and sweet, never cloying.  We only … Continue reading

Continuing the Cocktail Kick: The Demeanor & The Scoff Law

Over the past weekend, Herself and I tried several cocktails we’d never had before. First up: The Demeanor. Gin is a favorite in our house, so we’re always looking for new ways to enjoy it beyond the classic Martini. Herself was also looking for a recipe to use some of the creme de violette we have — so far we have only made a variation on the Aviation with it. We’re not big sweet Vermouth drinkers, either, but it’s perfect in this cocktail: The Demeanor (recipe from the Internet Cocktail Database) 1 oz. gin 1 oz. sweet vermouth 1/2 oz. creme de violette 1 dash orange bitters stir in mixing glass with ice and strain serve in a cocktail glass. When first mixed, the drink resembles a generous pour of stump water, but don’t let that fool you. Within moments, it clears up an turns a warm caramel color. It’s … Continue reading