Rigor Amortis: much fun at Dark Delicacies

On Sunday, five other contributors (authors John Remy, Kaolin Imago Fire, Lucia Starkey, Pete Alberti and artist Galen Dara) and I gathered at Burbank’s Dark Delicacies bookstore for another Rigor Amortis signing. This was the final stop in what I have been jokingly calling my November “book tour.” As you can see, we had a blast. Thanks to all of you who came out to support us and the book. Thanks to Del and Sue for hosting us. Thanks to Kaolin, Lucia, Pete, John, and Galen for traveling various distances to be there. Let’s do it again sometime, shall we? … Continue reading

Friday updates & more Rigor Amortis this weekend!

Whew–busy week! But before we roll into the weekend, I wanted to mention a couple of things: I had a fantastic time at Tucson Comic Con on Saturday. @Johnremy and I met up with @galendara and Rigor Amortis had a great showing. Lots of interest in the book and Galen’s awesome scary-sexy art. Thanks to organizers Mike and Henry for a great show. On Sunday, John, Galen, and I did a reading at Revolutionary Grounds Coffee. It was a little daunting to get up and read my NC-17 rated story again, but after practice at WFC last week, it wasn’t too bad. Thanks again to Joy for hosting us. The Tucson Weekly recorded some of the reading (thanks Dan!). You can find that here (but it’s pretty NSFW, you have been warned). This Sunday at 2pm the three of us will be reuniting, along with other Rigor Amortis contributors @kaolinfire, … Continue reading