My Money’s on Jazz Hands

Cnet’s tech blog Crave has an interesting contest going: Battle of the Nonviolent Robots I missed the first round of voting, but we’re already to the “Sweet Sixteen” so you still got time to help decide who will win. Even if you don’t vote, the recruiting reports on the metallic atheletes are a fun read. (I think that Bender, as big a fan as I am, should be disqualified, because he usually tops the list of “Most Violent Robots”….But then, he probably bribed his way into this match, anyway.) … Continue reading

"No one’s gonna take me alive…."

If there’s a cooler music video than Muse’s Knights of Cydonia, I have yet to see it. Post-Apocalyptic Kung-Fu Cowboys. Chrome bikini-clad maids riding through the wastes on unicorns, offering salvation in the form of ancient glowing DVDs. Robots. Horses. Laser guns. Buried Treasure. A deering-damsel in distress. What’s NOT to love? By the way, the whole album kicks serious butt. … Continue reading