My Money’s on Jazz Hands

Cnet’s tech blog Crave has an interesting contest going: Battle of the Nonviolent Robots I missed the first round of voting, but we’re already to the “Sweet Sixteen” so you still got time to help decide who will win. Even if you don’t vote, the recruiting reports on the metallic atheletes are a fun read. (I think that Bender, as big a fan as I am, should be disqualified, because he usually tops the list of “Most Violent Robots”….But then, he probably bribed his way into this match, anyway.) … Continue reading


Businessweek has a good article discussing Apple’s decision to go with AT&T and it’s slower EDGE network over other potential carriers (like Verizon) and/or the faster 3G network. Wildstrom makes good points, and it makes sense why Apple chose this route, I guess. Verizon is notorious for locking up their phones so that you only get the features they want you to (pay for). I can’t see that policy working with something like the iPhone, where Jobs is used to making the tech companies dance to his tune. (And quite frankly, I wouldn’t buy a partially enabled iPhone from Verizon, anyway) Yes, the iPhone isn’t perfect, and probably never will have every feature that everyone wants. But Apple has shown with its iPods that it’s very good at keeping a product line alive with constant innovation and improvements. I don’t see any reason to think it will be different with … Continue reading

Complete That Scene!

Apparently, some new software in development will one day let you play mashup with your (or anyone else’s, really) vacation photos in a big way. I can already tell you this would incredibly useful to have from a visual fx perspective. Of course, it makes faking photographs easier for anyone so inclined to do so–pranksters, conspiracy theorists, governments. But as with all things, especially on the web, you shouldn’t always believe what you see. Still, God Bless the internet, eh? (I’m goin’ a little crazy on the whole blog thing today….) … Continue reading

Big Unanswered Question about the iPhone

The tech world’s been abuzz lately with the release of the much ballyhooed iPhone. There’s no doubt it’s a cool little gadget, but there remain a lot of questions about whether it’s truly a paradigm shift. Why no 3G? Why can’t you copy/paste text with the spiffy software keyboard? Will Apple release a carrier-neutral version soon? And most importantly — will it blend? Turns out it does. Okay. Maybe it’s just some sour grapes. I don’t have mine yet. As Gollum says: “We wants one bad, precious.” (oh, and stay for the other videos on “Will it Blend?” It’s silly fun!) … Continue reading