iPod Shuffled Songs Challenge

My friend over at the Rude Morgue has posted his own iPod Shuffled Songs challenge. Here’s my entry, but I highly recommend heading over to his site to check it out and add your own! 1) 29 WaysWillie DixonChess Blues 1954 – 1960 This is from a 4 CD compilation of Chess Records’ greatest hits. It’s a perfect example of the other sound of the Blues — rollickin’ & riqsue. Willie’s got “29 Ways” to make through his baby’s door…. “One in the basement, two in the hall /When the goin’ git tough, I got a hole in the wall.” or “I got a way through the closet behind her clothesA way through the attic that no one knows /A Master key to fit any lock/a hidden door behind grandpa’s clock” … if you know what I mean…. 2) The Heart of Saturday NightTom WaitsThe Heart of Saturday Night As … Continue reading

And So it Begins….

…or, so it begins to end, at least. I caved to temptation and dropped by a Wal-Mart in Humboldt, TN (between my wife’s family farm and Memphis) and picked up my copy. “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” I’m still not sure I like the title, but then, all of the titles have had a slightly corny, strained ring to them, in my opinion. Oh well, in general the books are great fun (excepting chunks of “Order”). I won’t spoil anything here, but so far (about 100 pages in) I’m enjoying it. More to come. … Continue reading