Can it really be 25 Years Since Tron??

Computerworld has a great interview with visual fx guru John Knoll, on the film “Tron” and its impact on the field of special effects (particularly CGI) over the last 25 years! Knoll is an ILM veteran, and also one of the original developers of Photoshop! “Tron” was a very big influence for me, and even though the look of it might seem clunky or crude compared to todays virtual worlds, they all owe something to it. I’ve been in visual effects for 10 years now, and I’m amazed how much its changed in just that time. The tools just keep getting better, but I can’t wait for holographic/immersive-type interfaces. Imagine sculpting your 3D world with your hands? Alas, those will probably toys be for our kids or grandkids to play with. Or maybe Ray Kurzweil is right and those days will come along sooner than we think… See, for instance, … Continue reading

Harry the Fifth

Last night, my wife and I braved the crowds at the local AMC to catch the 12:01 am show of “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these midnight premieres, but even after the mixed reviews that the film has been getting, we were really looking forward to visiting Harry’s world once again. Note: I’m going to try and keep this relatively spoiler-free, but I assume most of you have read the fifth book by now. What’s the verdict? I liked it. The filmmakers did a capable job of translating the book into a watchable 2 hour movie. I should point out that I wasn’t real crazy about the book–it felt overlong and overwrought, and left me exhausted after I finished it. I hate to put it quite this way, as I love the world that Rowling has created, but the … Continue reading