Zombie Day!

Rigor Amortis has launched today, and you can get your very own copy on Amazon. As of right now, we’re ranked #77 top sellers in horror! Wow. Big thanks to my editors Erika Holt and Jaym Gates for bringing this fine collection to, uh, life. Also major props to my fellow contributors John Remy, Galen Dara, Kaolin Fire, Wendy Wagner, and many many more! I can’t wait to get my copy! Today’s pretty busy, but stop back by next week for more zombie musings. … Continue reading

My Own Personal Zombie Week: Why do we Love Zombies?

Rigor Amortis, an anthology of zombie romance, erotica, and horror from Absolute XPress, debuts on Friday. I’m very pleased to have a story appearing in the collection. A good friend of mine asked me recently what attracted to me to zombies. Why did I write about them? I recoiled in horror. “I’m not attracted to them at all,” I insisted. Frankly, zombies have never been my thing–I prefer (non-sparkly) vampires and werewolves, ghosts and unspeakable horrors from beyond. We all know how zombie stories end: we are consumed or we live to be consumed another day. Hey, just like real life. Of course, in recent years, there’s a new breed of zombies shuffling down the block. Zombies in games like Left for Dead and films like Zombieland pursue their prey rather…vigorously. Back to my friend’s question. Obviously my kneejerk answer isn’t fully honest. I mean, I wrote a story about a zombie … Continue reading

Rigor Amortis (putting the ‘rot’ in erotica)

I’m very pleased that my story “Take it Off” will appear in Absolute Xpress’ upcoming zombie erotica anthology, Rigor Amortis. For some of you reading this blog (or watching my Twitter/Facebook streams), this is old news: but now I have a shiny new link to the official website! Click it, you know you want to! I’m delighted to be included with so many talented (and twisted) authors. Many thanks and congrats are due to editors Jaym Gates and Erika Holt for all their hard work in bringing this anthology to, er, life. You’ll be able to get your copy starting October 1 on amazon.com and smashwords.com (The author assumes no responsibility if you experience sudden cravings for brainnnnnssssss upon reading…)  … Continue reading